About Gârden

In the music business, most energy is usually spent on artists who have the biggest financial potential; not necessarily the ones with the greatest creative potential. At Gârden, we see things differently. We love creativity, and are not afraid of operating in niche musical styles. Our goal is not to make money out of artists. Our goal is to get quality music heard. Not for financial gain, but because quality makes the world a better place. For everyone.

The people at Gârden have a wealth of experience within Rotterdam’s creative industries. With a comprehensive network of professionals at its base, Gârden will bring together exactly the right people for each specific task. These tasks will always be supportive, giving the artist that extra lift that really helps them take off. Gârden’s support is tailored to the specific needs of the individual artist, and can provide help in many different ways. Anything from the release of an album to promotion, coaching, producing a video or designing merchandise. Gârden is art-oriented, combining specialists from different disciplines in a symbiosis with one single goal: to make the music excel.

Team up
Think you and Gârden could be a good match? Then let us know, saying why, in an e-mail to arjen@gardenmusic.eu. You can write in either english or dutch.

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